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Turn your data into actionable insights.

With over 125 clients, and a history of hundreds of successful projects, our work all began, and all continues, with our strategic services.

  • Readiness Assessment and Conceptualization
  • Roadmap and Architecture
  • Tool Selection/Evaluation
  • Proof of Concept (POC)
  • 教育 & 培训
  • Maturity Assessment

DataFactZ analytics experts are revolutionizing evidence-based decision-making for our clients. Out of the many trending technologies available, DataFactZ will guide you towards the right strategy with in-depth analyses to ensure that our solutions complement your existing DW/BI investments.

We can assemble, prepare and visualize your company’s diverse data, giving you greater insight into your performance and enabling you to make better-通知ed decisions.

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Whether you require new 开发ment, enhancements or support, DataFactZ simply becomes your extended analytics workforce.

Our experts can help assess and analyze your organization’s BI needs and recommend an appropriate solution that makes the most business sense, still balancing cost and delivering ROI for your BI investment. DataFactZ’s BI 开发ment capabilities cover the complete spectrum, including data integration, 分析, reporting and analytical applications. We have a depth of knowledge and experience to design, 开发, and implement BI projects right, gathering requirements for current or future business objectives.

Experience working on more than 1000+ BI/EDW 开发ment projects across various industries.

150+ application migrations from one technology to another.

On-site, Onshore and offshore 开发ment model with offices in Northville, MI and Hyderabad, India.

We thrive on being able to help companies surface the smallest of details without missing the big picture. Our experts create data and analytics solutions with scalability always in mind, striving to deliver maximum insightful 通知ation to our clients.

DataFactZ is a technology partner with all major Business Intelligence Software providers.

The greatest insights are of little business value unless communicated effectively. Effective Dataviz is like a map; pretty useful when you’re lost in data.

More than graphs and charts, than tech considerations, defining the question to be answered and the narrative that will effectively connect, 通知, and build trust is key to any data visualization challenge.  Many companies will recognize that becoming “data-driven” requires skilled 开发人员s and analysts, but without bridging the gap between data and consumption, execution falls short. 

Data story-telling has become even more crucial with the advent of self-service BI, combining exporative data visualization with narrative techniques to deliver insights in a compelling form. 

从概念, mock-ups to delivery, our focus is personalized usability, intuitive interfaces that are actionable by the end user to maximize adoption and ROI.

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Computer Vision
  • Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis
  • 聚类
  • 预测
  • Feature Engineering
  • Model Performance Assessments
  • Model Monitoring and Recalibration
  • Production Deployment of Machine Learning Pipelines

Our data science solutions enable your organization to become truly data-driven.

With successful executions across various domains including financial services, retail and health care, our associates are equipped to join industry best practices with your organization’s potential.

Expertise to find the answers

Enterprises having BI ecosystem with 1000s of users from multiple LOBs often face challenge in tracking BI adoption and better ROI.

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